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Rex, Post-shearing…

And here we have the much lighter, much sleeker, now sheared Rex. The groomer says it’s a shame I couldn’t sell his fur by the pound.

And for anyone wondering, our vet’s best guess is he’s half German Shepherd, half Basset Hound. He weighs in at over 50 pounds, can run like a rocket on those short little legs, jumps over 3 foot obstacles with ease and swims like a duck. An odd dog indeed.

Rex – pre-Spring shearing…

It’s March. Mud season. Shedding season. And warm enough for Rex to swim in the pond season. Which is why March is also Annual ‘Shear the Dog’ month.

Here we have a collection of hair with a dog somewhere underneath. This photo does not do justice to just how plush and dense this fur is. During the winter this dog is in heaven and lounges in snow drifts. But as the temperature rises he is less comfortable and begins to drop tumble-weeds of fur that roll across the kitchen floor. Daily brushings do nothing to aid the situation… so it’s time for it to come off.

Next post… Rex after shearing!

Who shot the dog???

That’s the question of the day.

Normally when someone around the house makes that statement, it means one of our mutts is out cold, snoozing in a level of relaxation we can only envy.  But today Rex’s veterinarian discovered he actually has a small bullet or pellet lodged within the muscle of his hind leg. It’s long since healed, and according to the vet, causing him no discomfort or distress. But it is very upsetting to me.

When Rex first came to us two years back, he’d been found in a heartbreaking state of neglect. We guessed he was somewhere around one year old, give or take, with a coat that was matted solid and housing a multitude of ticks. He limped slightly, was skittish and jumpy, but there was no suppressing his friendly, positive attitude. Every other dog we’ve ever rescued always arrived with a full set of baggage, but best we could determine, Rex had left all his at the airport. He’s calm, laid-back and just plain happy about life; without question the sweetest dog we’ve ever had.  And while I realize that all manner of sickening animal abuse is a sad fact of our society, I simply can’t comprehend how anyone could have ever mistreated this dog. Perhaps, as a friend suggested, it was an accidental occurrence; someone doing target practice at a fence and not realizing they’d struck a living creature. All the same, it’s sad to know this dog had been injured in such a manner, and clearly never treated for that injury.