Inspiration, to go…

For the last few days, I’ve been stuck on a chapter I was only sort of happy with, and if I’m only sort of happy, I’m not happy. It needed something more, but what that might be, I couldn’t quite pin down. I only knew something was missing, and I was determined to find it. But searching for something when you don’t know what you’re looking for makes for an interesting challenge.

My muses are an amusing, twisted bunch. Sometimes they hold out on me, but rarely for long. Over the years I’ve found the trick to dealing with them. They can’t be bullied or badgered into offering inspiration. But cooperate and give them what they want, and they return the favor. And what do my muses demand? Recess. A break. They want me to step away from the computer, and let them wander unrestricted. Sometimes it’s a walk with the dogs. Or a long drive, especially with the top down. Loud music. Maybe a nap. They’ll even surprise me while I’m folding laundry or making dinner, though they’d rather be on the highway, with the top down, the music loud, and the dogs in the back seat, eyes narrowed and ears flapping. They enjoy working on the boat, and being underway, or anchored somewhere quiet. So whenever I find myself stuck, I step away and give them some breathing space. And I keep my notebook close on hand, because before long, they’ll be bombarding me with inspiration. The bottom line; some of my best ideas come when I stop looking. And once again, my muses delivered!

On another note, I picked up my new glasses today. Considering the time I spend in them, I decided to treat myself, and picked a pair of cute, fun frames, rather than the usual non-descript flexon wire-frames. And I treated myself to the anti-glare coating AND the Transitions lenses, the ones that darken in sunlight. After last summer, realizing I couldn’t read the chart without glasses, but blinded by sun glaring off the water, vowed I’d pay the extra for the better lenses. Of course, it rained all of today, so I haven’t seen them do their nifty trick yet.


  1. GREAT BOAT!!!!!..I’m suffering from “BOAT ENVY”.
    A bad day on the water is better than a good day on land. “Please send pictures of boat and motor.”

  2. A very interesting link, Child. For those who’ve read Last Exit, it offers some interesting insights into certain characters. For those who haven’t, watching it could be a spoiler of sorts.

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