And now for something completely different…

Most times, the concept of NEW doesn’t excite me all that much. New usually means more plastic, more mass-produced and generic, lacking a certain style and grace that went out of fashion some fifty years ago. Nowadays (wow, does that make me sound old!) so much is designed on the computer, and most vehicles have acquired a mundane similarity, distinguished only by the occasional unmemorable variation. It’s an evolution of sorts, I suppose, all the same, I prefer the lines of cars, trucks, and boats from the 1930s through to the ’60s. There are a few exceptions after that point, where a traditional, ‘form equals function’ design still exists, but for the most part, little out there these days will turn my head. This is one of those exceptions… Perhaps they’ve gone a bit overboard on the chrome and lights department, (kinda brings to mind a blinged out Escalade) though clearly that has a following with some drivers. Love it or hate it, there’s nothing subtle about this one.

The Navistar Lonestar. Even the NY Times took notice.

One response to “And now for something completely different…

  1. Okay, so I’m not a truck driver, but that sleek mofo looks intimidating and cool.

    I’d hate to see that big bastard riding my back bumper, flashing it’s lights. I think I’d crap my pants.

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