Sleep deprivation, revisited…

Okay, so last night, by some wierd twist of the universe, Cross Canadian Ragweed was playing in, of all places, Ridgewood, NJ.  Go figure.  Needless to say, we were there. Damn right. Who says I can’t function on 4 hours sleep? ‘Cause tonight they’re playing Webster Hall in Manhattan, and if you’re gonna burn it at both ends, why not throw some gasoline (and Scotch) on you’re at it. If this isn’t all that coherent, it’s just cause neither is the person at the keyboard right now.  All in the name of fun.

Also, I’d like to mention that the opening band, a bunch of local grown Jersey guys operating under the name of Super Satellite, were pretty damned good. I’ll be following their progress and listening in to them more closely after I’ve caught up on some sleep. (Place your bets how much I get tonight.) My ears are still ringing, my head aches a bit, so let’s hear it for round 2!  What?

And a side note for those of you out there who’ve written me over the last few days. You know who you are. I may catch up on some email tomorrow, though that remains to be seen.  Right now, my mail is on another computer, and I don’t have an address to reply. Congratulations, the baby is adorable, and as for Annabel Lee, there is more to the name, but that goes without saying.

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