And the name of the band is…

Okay. Somehow, inexplicably, with even less sleep than last night, I’m up and functioning better than yesterday. Webster Hall was bigger, louder, and more insane than Blend Bar.Cross Canadian Ragweed opened, playing a different set of songs, putting on an amazing show. We met up with some friends, and weren’t surprised to find some familiar faces from the night before as well. We all took the same positions right up front, and made enough noise that Cody Canada recognized us, thanking those of us from Jersey who came to both shows! These guys are awesome, and if you’re looking for some real, honest to god in your face alt-country-rock, they’re worth the look.

The next band up was a bunch of New Orleans degenerates (said with the highest respect), and the name of the band is… Cowboy Mouth! My voice is gone from shouting that over and over, as this band demands audience participation on all levels. Getting smashed, dancing and screaming isn’t enough. Expect to leave exhausted, laughing, grinning, and friendly with your fellow audience members. The show goes beyond description, though checking out their site and listening to recordings gives a bit of a hint. I’ll be seeing them again, and I’ll make sure I’m well-rested, well-hydrated, and eat my Wheaties before going! Oh, yeah… and I even caught a drum-stick!!!

One response to “And the name of the band is…

  1. Cowboy Mouth is so high energy. It’s been a year since I’ve seen them, and I’m going through withdraw.

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