Pain at the pump…

Every time I hear someone whining over how much it costs these days to fill the ol’ Ford Valdez, I really want to scream.. Somehow, I really can’t feel overwhelming sympathy for someone who insists the need to drive some oversized land-barge just to shuttle the kiddies to soccer… oh, I know, “It’s safer.” Yeah, right. Something that rolls over at the thought of a sudden lane change… real safe. It aggravates me, when you could just as well drive around in some reasonable sedan or even a cool little Mini Cooper. My one neighbor has three kids, and she’s driven the Cooper for years. Most people can drive something smaller and more efficient, or better yet, take mass transit. That is, unless you drive, say, a Kenworth or the like.

Think about that, while the oil companies make record profits. Then read this…

For more information, just take a look here…

One response to “Pain at the pump…

  1. yes, i think its the american culture of wanting it all big big big – shopping malls. big SUV’s and of coz, extra large pizzas. 🙂
    i think its fine because a couple of my friends and i are trying to import biodiesel made of corn and hopefully with the renewable and cheap energy, we will make this world a better place to chill.

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