More reasons to question the term ‘humanity’…

And this is called ‘ART’??? Why?

Outrage at ‘starvation’ of a stray dog for art

Gerard Couzens in Madrid
Sunday March 30, 2008

Chaining up a dog and forcing it to go without food and water in the name of art is a surefire way of making yourself unpopular with animal lovers. The furore created by Damien Hirst’s pickled sheep and Tracey Emin’s dirty bed pales into insignificance against the international outrage Guillermo ‘Habacuc’ Vargas has unleashed.

The Costa Rican has been called an animal abuser, killer and worse over claims that a stray dog called Natividad died of starvation after he displayed it at an exhibition last year at the Códice Gallery in Managua, Nicaragua. Vargas tethered the animal without food and water under the words ‘Eres Lo Que Lees’ – ‘You Are What You Read’ – made out of dog biscuits while he played the Sandinista anthem backwards and set 175 pieces of crack cocaine alight in a massive incense burner. More than a million people have signed an online petition urging organisers of this year’s event to stop Vargas taking part.

Vargas, 32, said he wanted to test the public’s reaction, and insisted none of the exhibition visitors intervened to stop the animal’s suffering. He refused to say whether the animal had survived the show, but said he had received dozens of death threats.

Juanita Bermúdez, director of the Códice Gallery, insisted Natividad escaped after just one day. She said: ‘It was untied all the time except for the three hours the exhibition lasted and it was fed regularly with dog food Habacuc himself brought in.’

There’s far more on this, if you can stomach the search of the artist’s name and the photos you’ll find, including references to other so-called ‘art’. Personally, I think people like this should be banished from the planet. There’s a petition to have his ‘art’ banned, though it seems to be getting so many hits it won’t load for me. Sadly, even an outcry against him is still media attention.

4 thoughts on “More reasons to question the term ‘humanity’…

  1. Snopes thinks this might be a hoax.

    It has not been definitively debunked or confirmed. The Guardian is a rather big newspaper not to source the content, but then again Dan Rather was a rather big newscaster, too.

  2. I truly hope it is a hoax, and I’m just one more outraged sucker. That would suit me just fine. Sadly, the fact remains that there are still so called ‘humans’ wandering the earth who find amusement of one form or another in harming and torturing animals, and the streets and shelters overflow with the neglected, unwanted and abused. I wish it all was just a hoax.

  3. Well, I have taken quite a close look on your website and I must say that I find it extraordinarily interesting. You can be sure that I will come back pretty soon.

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