Why I’m exhausted…

Too many hours on the road. Too many hours in the bilge. In the engine room. Too many things to list. Too tired to even list them. I’ll just let the big picture speak for itself.

She looks quite respectable, and by Saturday, she’ll be floating. Amusingly, over the last few days, I’ve had several people approach asking if I’d consider selling her.


Asking if I knew of any others like her.

Now, that’s funny.

Best I can guess, there’s about a dozen of these little Hong Kong built Cheoy Lee Trawlers in existence, scattered around the world. Including the very neglected, abandoned Laura Lee, about 15 minutes from my house. But that’s another story, and another post. Yes, coming tomorrow, the sad, tragic story of Laura Lee, a story which may at last have a happy ending. Tonight I need some sleep. Much sleep.

One response to “Why I’m exhausted…

  1. Yup, she looks nice.

    Our rule for our boats: they have to have “50-foot beauty”. Which means, from 50 feet away, she looks beautiful. You get any closer you start seeing the defects.

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