More good news for Laura Lee…

This is where we hope Karma comes into play, as some helm parts Annabel Lee is presently in need of, we could have pilfered off Laura Lee. Annabel’s lower helm pump is losing pressure, and it might be some simple seals, or it could be more, and being that old Wagner 700 is a sealed unit, not designed for rebuild, it would be easier just to swap out for another we know would fit. But being that Laura Lee will at last be needing hers, that isn’t an option. And anyways, a friend thinks he might have an old 701, which is rebuildable, in his shop. I should have word today.

Josh, Laura Lee’s new owner, says he pulled the starter and alternator to clean them up and replace the starter solenoid. He flushed the engine with Marvel Mystery oil and cranked it over by hand… another great sign! He installed a battery and all the electrical systems checked out perfect. In short, all the steps we’d planned to take, but the yard owners, certain she’d never run, stopped us from doing. See? We told you so! I can’t wait to see their faces when Laura Lee motors out of there, and I give Wally the sweetest smile and say “F— you, you old bastard.”

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