Why does the stove not work?

Woke up this morning to the pleasant rocking and the persistent sound of bilge pump from the Silverton next slip over. Grey, muggy, soon to thunder, and I’d really like a cup of tea. But no go. The stove won’t light.  It looks like the new gas regulator isn’t working, but I’m too hungry to play games. So we head back to the house for breakfast, and now it’s pouring on an epic level, so going back to lay in the cockpit troubleshooting isn’t on today’s agenda. While a day of lounging in the cabin listening to the rain drum down on (and leak through) the bridge deck might be pleasant, not without hot tea.  Can’t do brightwork, can’t seal the leaking bridge deck, still no steering… oh well.  Might as well sit around reading, writing, and waiting. Why is it the answers you want the most take the longest to come? I’m still waiting, so with any luck… we’ll see.

One comment

  1. Mystery solved. A while back I had the old propane tanks set with new fill valves, the ones with the overfill safety thingies… yes, I know that’s not what they’re really called, but that’s what they do. Overfill Protection Devices, I think. Something like that. Then I had the tanks pressure tested and re-certified, and all was well. I was still using the older regulators, but decided I might as well replace them as well. Apparently, the new regulators have some other safety measure which shuts them off when not connected with some fitting I’m lacking. The boat is set up two more switches after that point, all designed to shut down the propane if any leaks are detected. The old regulators went back on, were ‘soap’ tested, and I’m cooking again.

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