For some inexplicable reason, visitors to this little blog quadrupled yesterday. Curious. Amusing. I really don’t have much else to write today, mostly because I’ve been so busy these days with my imaginary world while Annabel Lee awaits steering components, and that about sums my life at the moment.  I just figured I’d post something to let those few souls out there who occasionally look in on this blip on the web know I’m still alive and well. I glance at the traffic counter, amused to see some happy(?) boat owner stumbled in on a search on leaky boat decks, and I notice this bizarre spike in traffic.  Is it a sign of something more? I can’t tell. There’s no new links in or any other telling clues. It’s something to ponder. So, for those of you passing through, feel free to write me, explaining what led you to my neck of the interwebs. And feel free to commiserate about your leaky boat decks.

3 thoughts on “Huh???

  1. Didn’t you see the article in Publisher’s Weekly yesterday?

    Your debut novel sold to Scrivners in a six book deal. Your are now richer than the GDP of most South American countries.

    (it could happen)

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