How fast?

Overheard on the VHF the other day while cruising along at a brisk 6.5 knots…

Boat #1 “Where are you right now?”

Boat #2 “I’m coming up on some slow trawler…”  (Yeah, that would be us. Ahead we see something large up on plane, rapidly approaching.)

Boat # 1 “I think I see you. How fast you going?”

Boat #2 “Thirty-three.”

Boat #1 “How fast?”

Boat #2 “Thirty-three.  Three three.”

Boat #1 “Really? That’s great. Where you headed?”

Boat #2 “The gas dock.”

That laughter they heard as they raced past was us, putt-putting along at one gallon an hour. We’ve been on the water every weekend since we fixed the steering while most everyone around us stays tied to the docks. The waters are being reclaimed by the slow! Victory for those with no wake!


  1. […] changes in incremental fractions. Other boats come into view, radioing their location to friends (“I’m coming up on some slow trawler,”) as though you’re a fixed aid to navigation and then continue on to disappear into that still […]

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