Laura Lee afloat…

Like so many other things, I’m far behind on my blog, only because I’ve been so busy, which I suppose is a good thing.  Annabel Lee is running (knock on wood) wonderful, and we’ve been out on the river at every opportunity. In recent weeks two more trawlers have joined us at the outer docks, so we’re no longer the oddity of the marina. Life in general has tossed a few curve-balls just to keep us on our toes. And lastly, Annabel Lee’s namesake has been conspiring with my muses and running amok. Oh yes, things are getting crazy in fiction-land, and everyone’s favorite character is tossing fuel on the fire.

I have countless pictures to post from our summer cruises, but you’ll all have to wait a bit longer for those. These, however, I wanted to get online.  Yes, it’s Laura Lee. (Ignore the name on the transom. Her original name is Laura Lee. ‘The Lotus’ was put there by the fellow who ran her up onto the rocks and then left her to fall into this disrepair.)

This is the closest these two have been since they left the factory in Hong Kong in 1977.

So she’s floating, running under her own power, and waiting for her new owner to move her up to Mass.

How many Cheoy Lees do you see in this picture? There’s three. The lovely blue 40 foot sailboat in the rear is a 1960s Cheoy Lee in pristine condition.

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