X Country is no more…

And I’m not happy.  In fact, after more years than I can recall, I’m no longer an XM Radio subscriber. I canceled today after their merge with Sirius Satellite brought on what they claim are programming upgrades and improvements. One of those upgrades was to turn X Country into ‘Outlaw’, and they claim it shares much of the playlist. Unfortunately, what it shares is the occasional music I liked least. Rogue Calls is gone, as is Texas Fred and the Armadillo Radio. Truly depressing. XM12 was the main preset on my radio, and got 95% of my listening time. Nice move, guys. It wasn’t broke, and you sure as hell didn’t fix it. Oh yeah, and XM also over-wrote Ethel, Lucy and Fred, essentially wiping out all my other favorite presets.

So, for any of you displaced X Country listeners out there, here’s a petition you can sign to let XM know how you feel…

Read the Bring Back XM Radio’s X-Country XM12 Petition

And here’s some listening options I’ve discovered…

Radio Free Texas: http://radiofreetexas.org./

Texas Exile : http://loudcity.com/stations/texas-exile-radio/tune_in

XM Radio: Bring back x-country XM12 and maybe I’ll re-instate my account.

3 responses to “X Country is no more…

  1. I can’t get over the desision to replace cross country with this nonsense called outlaw country. To get your musical fix try texasrebelradio.com or knbtfm.com. Both are fm stations in south Texas. Check out thier websites and give them a listen I think you will enjoy them.

  2. Thanks for the station suggestions. They’re keeping me sane (as sane as possible, relatively speaking) in the absence of XM12. Amazing the response on the petition. We can only hope it creates some changes programming-wise.

  3. Outlaw Country is cheap commercial radio with B.S. wrestling DJ’s who like to hear themselves talk about the phony world they live in. I thought satellite radio was about music not about butthead jabber!

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