Sigh. My most favorite time of the year… not. Is it January yet? Better yet, February.

It isn’t the grayness and the shortening days, in fact I’m quite fine with that. That, truthfully, I find restful, even soothing. Darkness is nice. Anyone else out there get depressed when the sun breaks through on a nice drizzly (or snowy) day?

No, what wears me out about December is the constant-happy-busy-jolly-fun-fun-fun-in-your-face attitude of everyone around me. The rest of the year, if I want to quietly ignore people and stick to my own little introverted existence, that’s fine. People ignore me right back and all is good. But not in December. I see this as a time of quiet reflection. But noooo, it’s the holiday of your choice season, and everyone’s bouncing around building up to their big celebrations, and few seem to understand you can celebrate just fine on a more subdued, low-key way. I don’t mind the holidays, just the whole wired-up attitude you’re expected to have or else there *must* be something wrong with you. The constant interuptions of people talking about the holidays, talking about planning for the holidays, what parties are happening when and where and all that great stuff…

All I want for Saturnalia is some peace and quiet with a few family and friends. Simple. End of discussion. No offense, but everyone else, I’m fine, really. Just go about your business and leave me alone. Thanks.

2 responses to “December…

  1. Saturnalia?

  2. In short, a Roman winter solstice celebration, pre-dating Christianity, but coinciding with ‘Christmas’ and many other major religion holidays. The History Channel web site gives a good run-down.

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