December… continued…

A white Christmas in north Jersey? Perhaps, if it doesn’t all melt in the next few days. All the same, it is pretty and the dogs love it, and I love not having 16 muddy paws to contend with, as my mom’s dogs are visiting. Friday’s storm dropped over six inches by us, and Sunday added another four or so. Felicia and I built a snow ‘T-Rex’ (pictures to follow) then all went out to get a tree. Okay, let’s see. We own a pickup, a station wagon and a convertible Mustang. The obvious choice would be the truck, but that’s got some mechanical issues. Next choice, the wagon. Nope. That’s filled to the roof with boat stuff, with only the front seat free. That leaves the Mustang. We get to the tree lot which hasn’t been plowed and get good and stuck. Manage to get the car pointed towards the exit, then go buy our tree, all three feet tall of it. Drop the roof, set it in the back seat next, and the three of us climb in. One kid at the lot waves that the road is clear, two guys at the lot push on the trunk, and we shoot out fishtailing the whole way. Another memorable tree trip!

One response to “December… continued…

  1. I totally love the image of the tree in the mustang.

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