Monthly Archives: January 2009

Seriously, it isn’t THAT cold!

I mean really! It’s 20! You’d think by the way people around here are acting we’re living in Fargo or Bismarck, North Dakota, where it hit -44 this morning.  Personally I think it’s quite pleasant out, brisk and refreshing.  Drop the top on the Mustang, crank the heat, crank the radio, and laugh at the strange looks people give as I pass. It’s all a matter of layers. My cozy old full-length army coat, long-johns, hiking socks, gloves, a scarf and my ‘Elmer Fudd’ hunting hat, I’m good to go. Life is too short to drive around with the roof up all the time.

All in good time…

If I recall, months ago I said I’d put on some pictures from the summer as soon as I had some free time. How optimistic of me! Free time. HA! If only.

All the same, here’s a few long overdue shots of the crew on warmer days past.


Up the river a bit… Rules are, all small children and such must wear their PFDs (and leashes) while underway. The dogs have run of the cockpit and salon, though we have to leave the lockers open so they don’t step up to the side decks or go forward.



Once we’re docked, jackets come off and everyone gets a walk ashore. Then Moxy naps in her favorite spot.