A few loose screws, and XM radio alternatives…

Much of yesterday was spent as today will be, removing countless screws from the bridge deck planks. Lots of screws. I’ll do the math,  but I’d say probably 1,000 + screws. Frozen screws. Screws that snap. Stripped screws.  Each and every one has to come out.  And first each must be dug out from beneath a teak bung, some of which have been epoxied in place, or glued with some strange rubbery compound. Others just pop out. You never know what you’l find.  A tedious task to say the least. But that goes with the territory. Much of boat maintenance/restoration is tedious, monotous work.

One thing that made last spring’s work pass more pleasantly was XM Radio. Most times it stayed on X-country, other times Fred or Ethel. Stations all phased out when Sirus and XM merged. Which was the same time I cancelled my contract, vowing I’d only return when the programming I enjoyed did as well. Thousands of other listeners cried foul as well, but judging by the comments on the petitions, (4,450 at last  count) most remained customers, hoping things would improve. From what I’ve heard, it hasn’t.  But I’ve found some alternatives, and they seem to be working.  I still miss Rogue Calls, but at least I’ve found a place to hear most of the music I’d come to expect on X-country. The first, recommended to me by someone named Cody (hmmm?) is Texas Free Radio. Take a listen, there’s good things to be found there. The other is Slacker.com, which also lets me listen to their Americana station, Alternative Country,  or switch over to several of their Alternative Rock stations. They have plenty more beyond that, it’s just a matter of what you like. Optimum has WiFi I can log onto right by the boat, so with my laptop and a set of cheap speakers, so if all works as planned, there’ll be music onboard today. And you can get on Slacker via Crackberry. So for all of you still stuck on XM and unhappy, there are options. It just takes a little creativity and some loose screws.

3 responses to “A few loose screws, and XM radio alternatives…

  1. I cant believe you cant find anything to listen to on sirius or xm, there are a million diff country stations and what not, if u cant find something to listen to on xm i think that is more your problem than their problem as there servive has tons of offerings worth listening too. So now you would prefer to listen to music with commercials? some people truely are dumb, enjoy your 22 minutes of commercials every hour.

    • Clearly you didn’t read through the links and to understand my (and several thousand other listeners) issue with XM’s change in programming. I should mention I was a subscriber with XM for over six years, as well as a stockholder. Then again, I suppose your comment more clearly explains their new business approach, if they’re programming for people like you. Enjoy your Rascal Flats. But next time, do a bit more research before you comment, and while you’re at it, perhaps spell-check and a lesson in punctuation are in order.

      • Hey there again. I am still missing X Country, but have found a couple of new places that you might like to check out.
        Jessie Scott has a website called MusicFog.com. It has quite a few videos and interviews from many artist. The other is WDVX.com, a small station out of Knoxville,Tn. They play a variety of Alt. Country/ Americana and Bluegrass. There are no commercials and so far I like the DJs.

        By the way I did cancel my subscription to XM due to the Siruis take over.
        Thank goodness for mp3 players and the internet or I may have gone crazy.

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