A whole lot of loose screws…

So here’s the math. 60 planks, 120″ x 93″ = 900+ screws.
Bronze ones. Stainless ones. Straight. Phillips. Stripped. Snapped.
And that’s just the bridge.

Sometimes things look their worst just before they get better. And they will. This is just the start.


One response to “A whole lot of loose screws…

  1. I also owned an old boat and had surprises whenever we did work, which was most of the time. My favorite products were Boat Life and auto body filler, you could work wonders with them. Little kids are also handy because they fit into really small spaces. My daughter spent many “happy” hours in the bilge and engine room opening limber holes and retrieving tools. She also got to know the keel very well when we were up on blocks. I remember the time we were underway and we couldn’t find her and thought she might have gone overboard. We searched the boat and finally found her napping in the bridge locker curled up on the life jackets. Oh well, those were the good old days, yes, I miss the satisfaction of working long hours until you were dirty and exhausted, feeling every part of you ache, knowing you would start again tomorrow. But yes, it really was fun because you were near the water, in fresh air and ON A BOAT.

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