As promised…

Boat news. So, the main cover is off at last. However, with a multitude of holes through the bridge at the moment, it must be kept dry.

So let’s see. First off, the bridge is all cleaned up.

But it hit nearly 80 yesterday, and under the main cover, with no air circulating, it was suffocating and impossible to sand. So we pulled the cover. Now we’ll start opening up the holes where water came in.

Time to dry things out, above and below. Interesting thing is how the teak plank coring can be seen from below. 4″ wide, 1/2″ thick teak planks. Fortunate thing this boat was cored throughout with solid teak, something otherwise unheard of, but 32 years later, all this coring, though damp in places, is solid. This may take several weeks, and while we plan to launch in roughly two weeks, I’d prefer not see Annabel Lee motoring around sporting a plastic tarp. So today I ordered oodles of goodies from, a hardware store for everything canvas related. Tools, threads, fasteners, canvas, some nifty attachments for my two Singers, ages 46 and 79. Don’t kid yourself, old sewing machines are amazing. These modern, computerized plastic toys can’t compare to these ancient chunks of iron. They can sew through canvas, leather, misplaced fingers, you name it. Anyhow, I’ll be counting the days till this package arrives, and then sewing away furiously to make a nice tailored bridge and cockpit cover. And covers for the windows, to make things look even prettier, as well as keep people from peaking in and wondering ‘what the hell are they doing inside this boat?’


One response to “As promised…

  1. “These modern, computerized plastic toys can’t compare to these ancient chunks of iron.”

    I feel the same way about typewriters.

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