Great movie lines, round 2…

I haven’t posted much lately, simply due to the fact that I’ve been busy doing all those fun things I don’t have time to put online. In other words, Annabel Lee running fine, other than a few minor kinks we’ve quickly resolved, and we’re dividing our time between using the boat and working on her. All is good in the world.

This past weekend the weather has been perfect, if somewhat gusty at times. Yesterday was the 4th of July, my favorite and  most sacred of days, observed perfectly with good friends, good (barbecued) food, and wrapped up with a night on the boat watching fireworks. No, we weren’t among the crowds I’m sure were there along the Manhattan waters. The 4th is a day when many who rarely if ever use their boats head out, loaded to the gunwales with family, friends, food and drinks. Rules of the road? What road? I don’t see no road! Needless to say, the 4th is a day we leave the waters to the amateurs, those braver than us, and the professionals who get to sort that whole mess out. We happily watched five different fireworks shows while sitting on our bridge, tucked safe and sound in our own slip, then went below to read a bit before sleep.

Passing wakes, however, made for a bumpy evening. At one point I went up to the salon to silence a few noisy items as we rocked away, and noticed our neighbors heading up the fairway. So I step outside in my pink pajamas to lend a hand with lines. They’re coming in fine, nearly docked, when a sharp gust of wind blew their bow around, up against ours. They tried to move clear only to find the boats firmly locked together, with their bowrail lifeline fouled on our anchor. Others were on hand, trying to help, and I scrambled around and back aboard, working the boats apart, and they backed neatly into their slip. By this point Frank, realizing something was amiss, had come above. As our neighbors tied up and shut down, they apologized profusely, expressing concern that we’d sustained any damage. For a moment everyone nervously looked things over, but fortunately both boats appeared unharmed. Frank leaned over, inspected the pulpit, then grinned and said my second favorite movie line: “Hey, you scratched my anchor.”

(Number one favorite movie line: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”)

One response to “Great movie lines, round 2…

  1. One night in Bizerte, Tunisia there was a blow, up to 40 kts. A big Beneteau came in with 8 crew all decked out in matching red foulies and 2 torn sails. Because it was night, past 10 PM, there weren’t many dockhands and I was helping them with the amidships line: as the captain was able to gun the boat forward so she’d come a tiny bit closer to the dock (with the wind broadside against her), I’d take up that much line…about 10 times of this and she was finally settled in!

    The next day one of the crew thanked me for my help and said, “I’ve never been saved by a woman in her bathrobe before!”

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