According to records, on December 12, 2008, a puppy was born in the vicinity of Heard County, Georgia. By the accuracy of this date, this pup and his litter mates may even have been born in the Heard County Animal Control Center. Whatever the case, that is where this pup stayed until, like so many others, his time ran out. Fortunately in his case, he was rescued by Eleventh Hour Rescue, a non-profit group dedicated to saving the lives of innocent dogs on death row. Please, visit their site, read their ‘About’ page, look at the faces of the dogs they’ve rescued but still need homes. Every day across the country while happy families are buying purebreds and designer puppies, there are frightened, confused dogs in shelters, needlessly put to death for no other reason than lack of a home. This tragedy must stop. If there is room in your heart and your home, make the choice to save a life. Look at these faces…

They are all rescues, and all wonderful, loving, delightful members of our home. Left to right: Loki (7 months), Moxy (12 years) and Rex (3).  Loki arrived under the name Zeus, though he didn’t seem to acknowledge it, and we felt Loki, the Norse god of chaos and mischief, might be more appropriate for his playful personality. In one day’s time he’s already settling in quite nicely and catching on to house routines by following the other two.

To one reader in particular, if you see this, yeah, I know. And by the way, he looks just like a 40 lb. version of Ari in black.

More pictures to come!

2 responses to “Loki…

  1. I do a little bit of volunteer work for 11th hour with my wife. Inevitably, you become attached to certain dogs at the kennel and as much as you try and remain impartial and give them all love, there are just certain that become your favorites. Zeus was one of my favorites! Even though he was surrounded by barking dogs jumping all around, he would just be waiting silently and patiently for you to open his kennel door, tail furiously wagging. He likes to go for walks in the park, he walks great on a lead, and his happiness and positive puppy attitude are contagious. I wish I could have met you folks, but the next best thing is that he has a home with a blog so I can follow his adventures!

    Congratulations Zeus!

  2. Jeff,

    Thank you all for the wonderful work you do for these dogs. I still can’t get over what an easy dog we’ve adopted. Our senior, Moxy, found on the streets of Queens, in her early days had to be one of the most stubborn young dogs I’ve ever encountered, and even Rex, also rescued from a kill shelter, had his training issues. But as for Zeus/Loki, he’s such a quick learner, with every day he’s demonstrating just how much he’s picking up. Today’s new skill, he’s learned to ‘ring’ the bells we have hanging from the kitchen doorknob for the dogs to let us know if they need to go outside, and he’s learned his spot in the kitchen at feeding time where his bowl goes down. He’s enjoying playing with his canine companions as well as the cats. He’s also very fond of wading in the brook of the pond in our yard, though he still isn’t sure about swimming in the deep part of the pond the way Rex does.

    The funny part is we didn’t pick him so much as we tried to let Moxy and Rex ‘choose’. We knew the time was right for a new member of the family, and when we came on Saturday we had no specifics as to what we were looking for, other than someone who would not try to dominate our senior girl, would play well with out 3 year old boy, and be cat friendly. Beyond that, he could have had three legs and one eye and that would have been fine, and I expected there would be an adjustment period. But Loki is picking up on things so fast just by following his housemate’s leads. He is truly a delight, and I’m so grateful your group was there to rescue him and others like him. Thank you again!

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