Puppies, pickups & powerboats…

Please phrase your answer in the form of a question.
Uh, yeah… what’s three things that all leak?

I’m way behind on my blog, but for all you lurkers (I know you’re out there) I figured I should throw in an update. This has been a busy summer, hectic for the most part, most currently with three things to blame.

First off, Loki. I will be posting some pictures as soon as I have a chance, but for those wondering, Loki is doing fabulous. His manners are wonderful, and aside from one paperback book in his first days, he fully understands the difference between toys and ‘not’ toys. The crate door hasn’t closed in weeks, there’s been no need. Puppy leaks are minor, and occur only in moments of nervous uncertainty. (He could care less about the vacuum, but sneezes scare him silly.) He and Rex, our younger boy, are fantastic playmates, perfectly matched and wonderfully agreeable with each other. And to our delight, he and Moxy, our dominant senior girl, snuggle together constantly, and Moxy’s normally serious disposition has turned sunny. Loki is such a fast learner, and he’s chosen Moxy as his mentor, looking to her and following her lead. The only down-side to that is seniority has given Moxy certain privileges, and over the years we’ve slightly spoiled Moxy, while Rex’s manners are much better. These days Moxy’s finding she has to clean up her act, while Rex is reveling in the whole “I’m the GOOD dog” status. And now that Loki figured out he has to sit first before meals or treats, he seems to have it in his mind if he sits whenever, he’ll be rewarded with a treat. He’ll look at us, sitting so perfectly, then glancing at the pantry. “Look. I’m sitting. Now you give me food. That’s how it works, right?”

Second. The old Dodge is OLD. I seriously believe Frank would’ve shipped the Dakota off to the glue factory a dozen times over if not for the fact that he knows how fond I am of the beast. I’d rather drive that 17 year old POS than the very beautiful, very tricked out, head-turning Mustang Convertible. I know that whole ‘cash for clunkers’ carrot tested his resolve, but these days there’s nothing out there we’d want to replace it with. This week’s leak involves a minor amount of power steering fluid. Hmmm.

Finally, I suppose I shouldn’t include Annabel Lee on the leak list, as it seems (knock on wood) that’s the one thing she isn’t doing, at the moment at least. All is dry and sound aboard, though we’re still perplexed by that sticking point on the steering. The suspect bolt was, indeed, binding, but not enough to cause that one spot to hang up as it does. There are a number of possibilities, from the simple to the ‘I don’t want to think about it’. This will call for further investigation, involving dissembling things further, which will wait till winter haul-out.

One thought on “Puppies, pickups & powerboats…

  1. So glad to hear Loki (formerly known as Zeus!) is doing well. Yes, I have been lurking waiting for a Loki update, haha! I laughed when I read about how Loki now expects a treat every time he sits. Funny how the mind of a dog works.

    One of my dogs likes to go outside through the doggie door and bark in the backyard for no apparent reason. In order for the neighbors to have peace, I call her back inside and she gets a treat for coming when I call her. This is the way a human mind works. However, it didn’t take her long to figure out that is she wants a treat, all she has to do is run out in the back yard and bark. This is how the doggie mind works, and she has me trained very well. So now I think we have more barking and less treats than before!

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