Squirrels, Zombies, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster…

… are three things that have made me very happy over the last few days. Which, I suppose, says something about me and my warped sense of humor.

Loki loves to watch the squirrels on the front lawn, staring out the window and mumbling anxiously as they scamper to and fro. But he’d never encountered one first-hand as most squirrels avoid the fenced backyard. The other day I was outside with the dogs. Moxy and Rex followed me back into the kitchen, though Loki was still attending to some doggie business. As I step to the sink I see something has he’s finished up and taken to chasing a squirrel around a tree. Most squirrels have the sense to stay above ground, but this poor thing made the dreadful mistake of venturing to the ground. Over the years occasional critters have wandered into the fenced zone, and the results were never pretty. In a panic I rushed outside, shouting and trying to distract Loki. But it was too late, he’d caught it, and he trotted over proud as could be, squirrel dangling limply from his mouth. Tail wagging, he presented me with his trophy, gently laying it at my feet. The poor thing’s still breathing and from what I can see, unmarked. It stands up, a bit wobbly and dazed but otherwise fine, just very confused. I wrap it in a dishtowel and return it to the tree, where it runs up, slightly shaken but otherwise fine, and with any luck somewhat wiser. Loki’s looking at me, baffled as to why I released that wonderful furry toy. What amazes me is how very gently he must have carried it, and I’m so happy knowing he clearly lacks the killer instinct.

Zombies… What more can I say. Saturday night we went to see Zombieland, and I can’t recall the last time I laughed so hard. Yes, it’s gross. Yes, it’s violent. Yes, there is much in poor taste. In short, my kind of movie! My advice, don’t read the reviews and Wiki pages, spoilers abound. Just watch and enjoy. The ‘Rules’ are brilliant, and yay for Twinkies! This gets my vote as the ‘Feel Good’ movie of the year!

And the Flying Spaghetti Monster… Felicia is taking a course on ‘Argumentative Studies’ or something like that, though Frank suggested she should get credit for life experience. Argumentation has specific guidelines and rules, much like in the Zombie Apocalypse, and provides hours of fascinating amusement. Felicia seems to be enjoying this class, both in subject matter and the professor, who apparently brings up unique subjects for debate. Along the lines of religion and the whole evolution vs ‘intelligent design’ in schools, the topic was raised of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Following all proper rules of argumentation, this tackles the sticky topics of defining religion. I think their ‘about the cause’ page sums it up best, though I recommend reading through their other pages as well, especially the hate mail page. That one’s a real eye opener. All the same, I think I’ve found god!

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