Halloween hazards…

It seems a fun holiday, harmless, really. Candy for the kiddies all dressed in their cute little costumes. But there’s a darker side often overlooked. It’s the annual carnage some hapless pumpkins suffer at the hands of knife-wielding maniacs in their quest to create Jack-O-Lanterns. Please be warned, the following images are rather graphic and may be upsetting to some viewers.

This poor victim, seen below, merely wanted to enjoy a late-season afternoon of boating, but in this case wound up on the wrong end of a Danforth. (Boat US Claim #9876543)

And a less known but disturbing fact about pumpkins is that they do at times turn to cannibalism. Shown here, one can clearly see the terror of the much smaller pumpkin, which doesn’t stand a chance against the ravenous produce eying it hungrily.

I wish I could provide better pictures of this year’s specimen. Unfortunately they have proven difficult to photograph, as flashbulbs and bright lights can scare them off. In the next image we see the Zombie-O-Lantern, with the brains of some unsuspecting pumpkin still dangling from its jagged grin.

Pumpkins be warned. It is not safe in suburbia

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