I’m often intrigued as to how people stumble upon my blog, though my ‘stats’ feature provides some clues: the search terms that draw in traffic. These searches are a source of constant fascination, curiosity and occasionally, sympathy. For starters, a good number of you come in under various combinations of the following words:

cheoy lee
Cheoy Lee Trawler
Cheoy Lee 32 Trawler
Annabel Lee
Myra Lee

But then we reach the more serious terms, the ones that make me realize I’m not alone in my projects/suffering. Others roam the web seeking answers for things such as:

saturate encapsulated ballast
remove skeg rudder
reinforcing phase of fiberglass
hollow fibreglass keels filled with metal punchings
concrete and scrap metal ballast
concrete grp OR fibreglass OR fiberglass keel repair
dry out the encapsulated ballast
how to keep keel from leaking
teak deck repair core remove cheoy lee
grinder carbide blade
stern tube housing and “a” brackets
hydraulic cylinder lines fittings
brass fuel line fittings
mastic for bedding done cutless bearing
cheoy lee stern bearing housing
cheoy lee cutlass bearing
cheoy lee hydraulic steering
mast leaks
keel skeg fixing
sailboat rudder shaft housings

This is one of the reasons I began this blog, documenting the restoration and maintainance of an aging trawler, sharing the good and bad. Each time I discover a blog or site that provides good photos and clear details showing step-by-step how some other poor soul tackled their repairs I’m grateful they took the time to provide this information. When I see the finished results it gives me hope. If my photos and information can offer someone else guidance and a light at the end of the tunnel, I’m glad. And if you have a question, go ahead… write me.

There are the random searches that make me smile, recalling days when we’re not fixing something or another:

tappan zee bridge
sail sanderling

And finally, sometimes random words from different topics combine, resulting in a hit for:

screws for sable wagon

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