Yes, Mr. Bond…

That indeed looks to be a 1954 38′ Wheeler behind you. A lovely boat indeed.

And thanks to the wonders of high-def TV and a DVR I was finally able to confirm that one-second glimpse of an image during Dr. No as the camera swept past. Now, the question is, could that be the very same 1954 38′ Wheeler I spent much of my childhood aboard, prior to her coming into my family? It is very possible; I do know that boat had resided in the very same waters where Dr. No had been filmed.

For those of you awaiting updates on the progress aboard Annabel Lee, things are *moving*, though sometimes by the slightest degrees. Once we reach a certain point I’ll be posting pictures and a summary explanation.

One thing I’ve come to notice is the way some boat-owners set their priorities. While we toil away at parts deeply hidden within the bilge, there are others we know who speak of structural and mechanical problems that would leave me with many a restless night, yet they’re happily at work on what I’d consider minor cosmetic issues. I just don’t get it. I’d love to be tackling brightwork and such, but that’s still down the list.

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