The drive out to Long Island to retrieve one college student has not returned any high scores today, not for best mileage (scroll down) or worst, not for best transit time (40 minutes) or worst (5 hours in the Dakota, rarely getting beyond 1st gear) though 2.5 hours is far longer than this trip should require.  But it’s great to see the kid, and the hours of Long Island traffic will never deter me from dropping everything to bring her home for the weekend.

When I arrived, Felicia was at work on her laptop. I’m ever amused by her  laptop’s screen backgrounds, usually featuring some favorite anime or graphic novel art, such as the image below. She’s informed me that  in the last week (even while taking 18 credits, working one job on campus and an internship at Marvel) she’s read 13 graphic novels. I blame her parents, that’s what we get for raising a kid on Starblazers,  Moonknight and vintage X-men comics.  I’d worry if her grades were suffering, but she’s been on the Dean’s list throughout her time in college. I’ve already asked her to throw me a few graphic novels she’s finished. I’ll admit, it’s her screen background from Runaways, the series she’s currently immersed in, that caught my attention.

Go figure. Yes, the subject matter all makes me smile.  I love the way this image so perfectly captures the energy and motion of the moment.  And for those who don’t know the series,  not to worry.  The duckies will be fine as will the little girl leaping to their aid. The same can’t be said for the lovely red semi.

(This blog slightly cuts off the image. For the full image, click HERE.)

One response to “Motion…

  1. Heh. My first assumption was that *you* had drawn it!

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