I’ll take ‘Odd Place Names’ for $400…

“Meaning 2-shelled, the name of this New Jersey town goes back to its oyster industry days”

What is Bivalve?

A kind reader emailed me the other day; he’d recently finished my book and was amused when my main character’s home town was in fact the answer to a question on the October 25th episode of Jeopardy. Once a bustling center of commerce, Bivalve exists today as a virtual ghost town, beautiful and serene as nature has gradually reclaimed much of the marshy shoreline. It was the ideal setting for the start of Last Exit In New Jersey, perfect not only geographically but also as just the sort of place Hazel Moran would proudly call home, which says something both for Bivalve and for Hazel. Bivalve is so utterly Jersey while being removed from all that is Jersey… while still being in New Jersey. I’ve often remarked that I plan to retire to Bivalve; one day I’m heading the boat down to Bivalve and I’m not coming back!

Anyhow, there you have it. Read a non-socially redeeming mystery thriller about some nice and not so nice folks from New Jersey, you may just learn some fascinating facts, including ones that could ultimately win you money on a nationally televised game show!

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