A call to all animal and/or mystery lovers…

Starting January 1st TODAY I’m asking mystery readers to come together in raising money for a worthwhile cause — to benefit New Jersey’s abandoned, abused and neglected animals. I’m pledging for each copy of Last Exit In New Jersey sold through the month of January $1.00 will be donated to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (www.njspca.org).

The officers at the NJSPCA work hard to make life better for animals, but according to Major Steve Shatkin of the New Jersey SPCA Humane Police, they face an ever-present challenge which makes their task more difficult: an identity crisis. Many people are more familiar with the ASPCA, but tend to overlook the NJSPCA, believing it is part of the same organization (and funding) though this is not the case. The NJSPCA, which was created in 1868, operates 24/7, 365 days a year. The not-for-profit organization receives no government aid or tax dollars, but is funded solely by donations, grants, bequests and fines levied. It is dependent upon donations from caring individuals and organizations in its efforts to protect New Jersey’s animals from abuse, cruelty and neglect.

My goal is to raise not only funds, but public awareness for the NJSPCA as they aid the welfare of animals throughout the state. Last Exit In New Jersey, which was published earlier this year, has met with critical acclaim and steadily rising sales. Priced at $2.99, the book is available online through Amazon.com for the Kindle and through Smashwords.com for all other ereaders. Donations can also be made directly to the NJSPCA through their website: www.njspca.org

Being that I’ve decided to kick this off a bit early, I’ll be donating $1.00 for each book I sell through December 2010 as well. Let’s see how much money we can all raise!

One response to “A call to all animal and/or mystery lovers…

  1. “A Cold Breed,” too, is worthy of your wish to increase awareness of cruelty to animals, benefiting nationwide SPCA efforts.

    Press Release

    There’s a terrific new, well-reviewed, and multi-faceted piece of fiction on the market entitled “A Cold Breed.” Authored by Casey O’Ryan, this Debra Jean Thriller intertwines the eye-opening, vivid discovery, investigation, and crushing of a realistic puppy mill with a witty, romantic, and action-filled read that arrives home with an ultimate happy ending. The storyline is fresh; the characters are rich; the gamut of emotions touch and involve the reader. Spread awareness of cruelty to animals through a new venue: fiction. A portion of every purchase is donated to the ASPCA. Swing by the author’s site for good information at caseyoryan.com or stop into the author’s blog at caseyoryan.blogspot.com. Become a friend on facebook. Thank You for your consideration.


    DJ Greer has everything in order. She installs high end, hi-tech security systems using the latest and most sophisticated gadgetry. Her single-employee business is in perpetual high gear. In and out of her troublesome customers’ homes and businesses, she sees a lot of their inner lives. Her clients often have as much to hide as they do to protect.

    When she goes out of her way to make an emergency installation for backcountry Travis Bitter, she finds a repulsive setting like none she could imagine. The man is a horror-show-quality creep, as are his two equally maniacal sons. They carelessly make their living through the suffering of living creatures. They run an assembly line of high-profit “breeding stock” and their adorable, but oftentimes sick “product,” otherwise known as a puppy mill. The security expert gathers proof of the illegal operation and shuts it down under the guidance of two separate Societies for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals.

    Unfortunately and contrary to expectations, the raid on the Bitters’ mill isn’t the happy ending everyone planned for. The Bitters enact retribution on DJ. She relies on love interest detective Max Swain to rescue her from their torturous grip.


    Review by Todd Rutherford.
    “A Cold Breed” by Casey O’Ryan introduces us to Debra Jean, a flawed but morally rooted woman whose independent movement through her life and demanding job leave her surrounded by little more than acquaintances and a wonder of what her next chapter in life will bring.

    Set in Virginia, Debra Jean, while her name suggests otherwise, is no Southern belle. DJ, rather, is a strong woman whose foiling of a robbery in the frenetic opening pages of this book, shows not only a stubborn nature, but a woman who is not going to take things lying down. That is her would be mugger’s job.

    While the book starts like a cannon shot, you are also drawn immediately into the wit and subtle banter that DJ possesses as she meets the police officer who stumbles upon the attempted assault. Detective Max Swain jumps from the pages with a young Sam Elliott swagger, tempered with an educated erudition. The romantic sparks jump from the pages they share until the closing of the first chapter.

    In this thriller, however, romance must wait. DJ’s business as a high-tech security consultant who is not afraid to get dirty as she runs coaxial cables through oven-baked attics in the Virginia summer, keeps her busy. While she could afford employees it is quite clear that she is a believer in, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing yourself”. Tuesday nights provide a great opportunity for Max and her to approach this inevitable romance, though, DJ reserves these for her adoptive “Auntie” as they prepare gourmet meals together and discuss the darker sides of the human condition that DJ sees each day in her work.

    This darkness of the soul is no more clearer than when DJ is called for an emergency installation job at the backwood’s home of Travis Bitter. Bitter, as the name suggests, is just not one of the good guys. DJ, in her work, stumbles across a number of situations that she is forced to ignore for the success of her business; people wanting security systems often have as much to hide as they do to protect. But what she sees at the Bitter’s is something she can not let go of, nor allow to continue.

    The magnitude of cruelty she witnesses at the Bitter’s puppy mill simply cannot stand. It is a cruelty that would allow many dog-loving readers to comfortably take their dog to a kennel owned by Michael Vick with a clear conscience. The tension is palpable, the writing, while often heart-wrenchingly tough to read, is necessary and flowing. The ending brings all the characters together in a mesmerizing read of good versus pure evil with a surprising twist that would have done Chubby Checker proud.

    The ASPCA will certainly welcome the purchase of this Debra Jean thriller, as 10% of the author’s proceeds from this book will be donated to this group. The reader, based on the gripping tale spun by the author, will also eagerly await the next installment.

    Perfect for reading groups. Stop by the author’s website for more information at caseyoryan.com or blog at caseyoryan.blogspot.com. Become a friend on facebook.

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