Mysteries for Mutts NJSPCA Fundraiser totals for January 2011…

Three Jersey mutts say “THANKS!”

So here’s the score:

Eight snow storms.
Seemingly endless snow-shoveling.
One week of severe bronchitis.
Even more shoveling.
One very sprained back.
Two rounds of raking snow off the roof.
Yet more shoveling.
And $341 raised for the NJSPCA.

Okay, let’s back up a bit. When I first began this fundraiser I headed in with boundless energy and the intention of spending every waking minute of every day getting the word out. Needless to say, I’ve just survived the most exhausting January in memory, much of it spent either sick, aching and injured or recovering.  Unfortunately that severely impacted my promotional efforts and my sales had not met my expectations. I wanted to make a donation that would make a difference; I had a number in my mind that I’d hoped to reach or surpass and that didn’t seem to be happening. By midway through I’d begun to wish I’d simply said I’d donate ALL sales and the more I thought about it the more I decided that was precisely what I would do. So that’s precisely what I am doing – donating all my sales from 171 books sold through December and January. (The odd dollar is from an overseas sale; the royalty rates are lower.) And I’ve also decided this won’t stop here. I will continue with my original pledge for the foreseeable future: each month for each book sold I will donate $1 to the NJSPCA.

I’d like to thank everyone who bought a copy of Last Exit In New Jersey, whether it was for the fundraiser or just to read a new book. I’d like to think that this donation of $341 will help make a difference to animals in need.

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