Please stand by…

We are experiencing operating difficulties, as in the display on my faithful little netbook has taken to flickering and rolling like an old TV in need of an antena adjustment.  It started a month ago and has grown progressively worse; Thursday night it had finally reached unworkable.  I’ve backed up all data and tried the ‘reset back to factory settings’ in hopes that it was just a driver issue, but now I have a computer that knows nothing AND flickers, which leads me to believe it’s a hardware issue involving a ten pound cat regularly napping ontop of a 3 pound computer whenever the cover was down and my back turned. *Sigh* Fortunately I have an older but still working laptop – I just need to reload all my email settings, bookmarks and a few programs.  In the meantime this post is it for me communication-wise. All should be back in order in another day or two but for now it’s hit and miss. But yesterday was my last day of day-job, so I’m not stressing anymore!  🙂

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