Rex, Post-shearing…

And here we have the much lighter, much sleeker, now sheared Rex. The groomer says it’s a shame I couldn’t sell his fur by the pound.

And for anyone wondering, our vet’s best guess is he’s half German Shepherd, half Basset Hound. He weighs in at over 50 pounds, can run like a rocket on those short little legs, jumps over 3 foot obstacles with ease and swims like a duck. An odd dog indeed.

2 thoughts on “Rex, Post-shearing…

  1. C.E., has the house boat with the young lady on the top railing ever been in Boot key. I use to see one and just wondered. I do love your writing. I like your dog too. When i saw the REX I couldn’t help but remember that for Christmas all I wanted was another dog for the outside. I traded in my 41 out Island sloop for an Airstream, but miss the water.The jolly ole elf dropped off my dog with someone else. Now, Christmas morning my little dog Pooky who had his first 7 birthdays on the Morgan , and I were feeling pretty bad, but several weeks back a puppy was sleeping on our back porch. No coller, no nothing. His feet however look to be about the same size as your dogs. I guess I should spell that dawg. But he is a river dog for sure, and maybe a little Red Neck too, just like Hemingway, so I named him bubba. Actually in a book I have been working on just forever the bad guys ford Crown Vic has a bumper sticker that says,”Hemingway was a Red Neck” don’t know where it came from, just out of the either. keep up the good work and fair sailing

    1. Hi Gerald,

      I saw the houseboat in Connecticut; I’m not sure where else it may have roamed. And yes, Rex is wonderful, he’s one of three we dogs we rescued, and he’s a river dog as well… he loves to swim! Bubba sounds adorable! Fair winds to you, and best with your writing.

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