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The Jersey Shore gone Wilde!

In the name of all things literary and Jersey, I bring you Oscar Wilde takes on Jersey Shore, hilarity ensues in five acts. It’s all in the presentation.  Enjoy!

Here we go again…

This in no way relates to the other ‘big’ announcement I will be posting in the coming days, but we’re preparing for the next big phase of leak elimination, this one from above.

Shown below is the frame built to duplicate the actual dimensions and shape of the area we well be replacing, with 3 layers of marine plywood clamped down to ‘shape’ them into the proper curve. The ply will be laminated together with epoxy resin, supported by stringers that duplicate the originals and glassed in from above and below. This laminate will be transported to the boat by laying it, frame and all, across the truck’s bed and driving it down to the boatyard, where it will be lifted by the Wiggins forklift to the proper height and guided into place. Should be interesting.

Then the frame will serve as the template to make a foam-cored hardtop for the bridge itself. And finally the frame will be ‘roofed’, given walls and a concrete foundation and serve as a uniquely shaped utility shed behind the house.


I haven’t been posting much over the last week and I’m not going to go into details at this point, other than to say I’ve been exceptionally busy and some exciting things are in the works. I love when the planets align and everything I’ve worked towards seems to be coming together!

Less cryptic posts to follow in the coming day. Stay tuned!

What Exit???

What's your exit

It seems Last Exit In New Jersey is all over the internet this morning. A while back I set my web-browser’s home page to display the Google results for any mentions of “Last Exit In New Jersey” within the last 24 hours. It gives me a handy snapshot of my online presence and alerts me if anyone is mentioning my book, as well as providing directions to local events and a certain funeral home in Fort Lee, but that’s what I get for using a prominent New Jersey road-sign as my book’s title. And as I went online this morning there it was:

“Last Exit in New Jersey: book explores the literary possibilities of the state”

Apparently was running an article about MY BOOK! They were running it in the Arts & Entertainment section.  Even better, this same article was being posted on some other Jersey related sites, such as The Sopranos.Com and New Jersey Gambling News.

Wow. Someone did an article about my book and I didn’t even know it. As Annabel would say, “How cool is that?” Pretty cool, indeed. But… wait a minute. That’s not my book.

The article is, in fact, about a book edited by Joe Vallese and Alicia A. Beale, entitled What’s Your Exit? A Literary Detour Through New Jersey. The book is a collection of contemporary fiction, poetry, and essays from forty-nine writers inspired by the Garden State.

What's Your Exit

Hmmm. Let’s see. I think I see the confusion here. Both books do have the words “Exit” and “New Jersey” in the title. Both are Jersey-centric, and both would likely appeal to similar audiences. But What’s Your Exit is an anthology celebrating the fine contemporary literature of our state, while Last Exit is a modern thriller done in a classic, hard-boiled noir style. Clearly two entirely different books.

So, for those of you who may be trying looking to find What’s Your Exit, they are located here on Amazon and they have an interesting blog as well at: And if you are looking for the Last Exit In New Jersey, you can find it HERE.

last exit in njI should hope that the above links will help sort out any confusion between my book and What’s Your Exit. I can only imagine how I’d feel having an article run about my book with a headline that makes it sound like an entirely different but similar title. Who knows? Maybe the papers will do an article about Last Exit In New Jersey, and they can even title it “What’s Your Exit?” That only seems fair.