Generally this is never a dilema…

The last few days have been quite a ride, to say the least!  It all started on Wednesday when I was featured as the book of the day in ‘Ereader’… and I discovered the description on my sales page was all chopped up. I immediately phoned  Amazon, who could offer no clue as to what happened, but assured me it would be fixed in three to five days. Fortunately, even with the messed up description, sales were cooking along at an all-time high. Then came Friday morning, when the flow of sales turned into a torrent.  It turns out Last Exit is one of six books Amazon included in a promotional mailer for $.99 Kindle mysteries and thrillers.  It was incredible, even with the description still broken apart books were selling at an amazing rate. By days end I’d climbed the ranks clear up to #27 in the Amazon best-sellers list!

And now, for the advancement of much humor I bring you my book’s description, this time not scrambled but in glorious Engrish, care of

Strange what you can find on the interwebs!

Final Exit In New Jersey

Great younger women from the Garden State truly really should never be dumping bodies at sea. Then once again, twenty a long time old Hazel Moran is something but your standard Jersey girl. Lifted on a schooner & riding shotgun following into her father in their old tractor-trailer truck, there is minor on the street or water that can never handle it, it’s their dealings with individuals who have into perform. Generally this is never a dilemma – behind the wheel of a Kenworth most men & women are likely into depart them on your own. But when Hazel & her father, the goals of some unsavory characters in pursuit of her blue hair cousin, her stolen tractor-trailer truck & a delivery that by no means into be achieved, she is aware of it really is time for a lesson from their favourite hardboiled paperbacks realized into heart: play great

Play great indeed! And on that note, I’m off to work on the boat!

2 responses to “Generally this is never a dilema…

  1. What do you mean, you’re “off to work on the boat??????” Get back to that laptop right this minute!!

  2. Tom, don’t you know that working on the boat is technically researching material. As is going to dinner at my favorite waterside restaurant to celebrate the last few incredible days. A writer’s work never ends! (And I was up writing at 5:30 this morning, before the rest of the day even started.) Trust me, everyone, I’m working away at No Wake Zone and it’s coming together great! The more the mayhem rises, the happier I am… and I’ve been walking around grinning even before my sales began to skyrocket.

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