My other office smells like an engine room…

In prep for the weekend I headed down to the boat bright and early this morning, all set to attack another section of the engine room. We’re going to replace the motor mounts, which will be somewhat simpler without this little thing called a transmission in the way. And considering the rear seal on the tranny has a slight but irritating leak… you know the drill. Anyhow, I wanted to get some things cleaned up and in place for this next exciting(?) phase, and I needed to drop the dogs off for their late summer shearing, (Rex was getting pretty shaggy again,) which is on the way, so I decided I might as well just hang out at the boat until the dogs were done. The simple truth is my muses like it down there; they respond well to a bit of manual labor and without internet it’s easier to stay focused. So I packed the laptop, some cola, pita chips and an apple.  What more could a writer ask for? (Other than perhaps the dinette table and a proper seat!)

It doesn’t look so bad from this angle!

So yes, I’ve had a very productive day so far, both in the bilge and at the keyboard. And the day’s far from over. It’s back to work… as soon as I wash up. It seems that diesel engine fragrance has followed me home.

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