What I did over my (last weekend of) Summer Vacation…




A little bit.

Crawl around the engine room and attach our custom-designed temporary motor mounts to the engine and prep to pull the transmission?


These temporary motor mounts, will support the rear of the engine once the tranny, resting on the rear motor mounts, comes out.

We would have gotten further, but upon closer inspection of the winch arrangement I decided I’d be more comfortable if it was thru-bolted to the 4×4, rather than lag bolts.

However, due to yesterday being a holiday, local hardware stores were closed, and by time we completed the two hour round trip to the mega-stores that were open it would have been too late to start the next phase of madness.

One response to “What I did over my (last weekend of) Summer Vacation…

  1. Ahhhh…The joys of engineering, I do miss the smell of diesel, the grese, oil and crawling around a small engin room…I don’t think 🙂
    Keep-up the good work C.E. You’ll get there, looking better than good girl 🙂

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