And sometimes, everything goes smoothly…

Such as pulling the transmission last weekend.  We hooked up the straps to support it, removed some bolts, and winched it up to deck level.

That’s not to say anxiety levels weren’t set to ‘high’, though happily none of the worst case scenarios running through my head manifested. The tranny rose from the bilge, we slid the temporary engine hatch beneath and eased it onto a dolly. From there we rolled it out to the cockpit…

And from there, moved it down to the truck, where it was secured and hauled home.

What’s next? Well, the tranny will get a proper service, replacing the old seals and anything else that might be worn. We can replace the worn damper plate, replace the motor mounts and a multitude of other odds and ends around the engine. With the transmission and exhaust removed the already roomy engine room is downright spacious. But now that temperatures are dropping we’re coming into optimal ‘glassing’ range, so the time has come to cut away the delaminated section of the salon ceiling/bridge deck and replace it with the laminated mahogany plywood we built earlier this year, then glass that in place.

I foresee much itching ahead.

3 responses to “And sometimes, everything goes smoothly…

  1. Good work C.E. Keep at it and by next year you’ll have a rebuilt boat 🙂
    As for myself…I think I’ll forget about Power Cruisers and instead look for a 40 to 50′ Ferro Cement Sail boat. There are a few nice Pro built FC yachts around…On the West Coast or/and Mexico so it’s looking like I’ll end-up with one of those FC yachts 🙂

  2. Thanks Bill! We’re getting there, piece by piece. Keep me posted as to your search; I’d love to see what you turn up.

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