Monthly Archives: October 2011

Looking good…

This was me over the weekend…


So here’s my schedule…

Monday: I write.

Tuesday: I write.

Wednesday: I still write.

Thursday: I post at Write on the Water, then spend the rest of the day writing.

Friday: I write even more.

Saturday: I attack the boat with power tools.

Sunday: I continue to attack the boat with power tools.

Rinse and repeat.


I often refer to Annabel Lee as a collection of leaks in the shape of a boat, and a boat, by definition, is a hole in the water into which you throw money. So cutting large holes into that already leaky hole might be viewed as a questionable action, but that’s what we’ve gone and done.

We now have a well-ventilated salon to match our well-ventilated engine room.

This should make passing sodas up to the bridge easier.

I have emails to return, mountains of writing ahead, and a cabin full of itchiness.  This is just the start, but as which so much else in my life at the moment, there’s no turning back now.

Right now, I’m turning in. Much to do tomorrow. Too tired to think tonight.

Update: In case you’re wondering how we’ll close this big hole, that’s why we built this…

My brain…

It has melted. Not sayin’ that’s entirely a bad thing. In fact I’m quite please with where things are headed at the moment. But right now it kinda feels like this…

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for the moment.  And the more your stare at it, the worse it gets. I want clothes printed with this pattern!

Another week…

I know. I haven’t been posting here much lately. I’m nearing the end of one round of deadlines, and I’ve spent so much time editing that I’ve reached the point where words just look wrong, like I’ve misspelled them, and the longer I look the more wrong they appear. Stare at enough letters long enough, and they start to morph into weird hieroglyphics.  I suppose it’s my brain telling me I could use a bit less time at the keyboard and a little more time with my head on a pillow. But here’s the score. Last Exit, which started at 122,000+ words, now is skimming just under the 107,000 mark.

Oh, yeah.  Work on the boat is about to move into another phase, so I’ll have to the post about.

And yes, it’s Thursday.