So here’s my schedule…

Monday: I write.

Tuesday: I write.

Wednesday: I still write.

Thursday: I post at Write on the Water, then spend the rest of the day writing.

Friday: I write even more.

Saturday: I attack the boat with power tools.

Sunday: I continue to attack the boat with power tools.

Rinse and repeat.

3 responses to “So here’s my schedule…

  1. sounds like a way to keep real busy all the time. Just don’t get hurt on Saturday or Sunday or you won’t be able to “rinse and repeat”

  2. I think you need to save a tiny bit of time to actually USE the boat!

  3. Nancy, yes, very busy. A break once in a while would be nice, but there aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week for all the work I have over the next few months.

    And Richard, we will actually USE the boat… once all the major leaks have been brought under control. This deck is the big project we’ve been building our nerve to attack, and now that temperatures are optimal, both for the layers of dust protect we’ll need to wear and then for working with resins, it’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! After that, we’ll move on to installing those nice new bearings and giving the engine an overhaul. Next spring, not only will I be launching two books, but the boat as well!

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