A bit of humor…

It’s been a crazy year, both in my personal existence, (writing deadlines, boat projects, life in general,) and in New Jersey, (earthquakes, hurricanes, rain, rain, rain, floods, more rain, Halloween snowstorm/massive power outages, all of which have disrupted my personal existence to one degree or another.) Needless to say, posting here is on a all time low, though it is yet again THURSDAY.

Meanwhile, I bring you:


2 thoughts on “A bit of humor…

  1. Thank you Gordon. I do appreciate everyone’s patience and loyalty very much. Trust me, I’m writing away madly, spending way too much time in my character’s heads, (and if you know my characters you know what a scary place that can be!) and having way too much fun. I think a quote from Gary to Hammon sums it up nicely:
    “You’re not playing with a full deck, and Hazel’s a sociopath, plain and simple. I just don’t think it’s a good policy to leave two legitimately crazy people unsupervised.”

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