Monthly Archives: December 2011

A quick note to all…

To everyone who knows me in any manner, from on-line to the boatyard, my neighborhood, or wherever else: I am currently deep in the process of wrapping up No Wake Zone so I can slap a bow on the top and send it off to my editor as an early Winter Solstice present. If you’ve emailed me, posted me in FB, passed me as I raced through the grocery store or noticed a Dodge-shaped blur on the street, please understand if I haven’t responded. It’s nothing against anyone, really, it’s just that I’m mentally immersed in my imaginary world, and have little brain-cells left for anything beyond that. I promise, ten more days of this and then I will acknowledge the real world and its inhabitants, at least briefly, before I hit the inevitable revisions I know lie ahead.

And now, back to the mayhem for me!

I know…

I’ve been making myself pretty scarce lately… online at least. I’m still around and going like mad, so long as you know where to look for me. Best bets for finding me are 1.) locked in my little office typing away as fast as my little fingers can go, or 2.) down at the boatyard, hunched over a space-heater, Mix-N-Measure pot in hand as I stir metered pumps of West Epoxy to slather onto strips of biaxial fiberglass cloth, or 3.) in transit to, at, or from any of the surrounding hardware stores for lumber, drill bits, fasteners, sandpaper, masking tape or whatever else I suddenly need. This schedule will continue for another few weeks at least as I work to wrap up No Wake Zone to ship it off to my editor and the weather becomes too cold for epoxy and polyester resin to set. At that point I do plan to once again start posting here a bit more regularly, but until then, I have at least been fulfilling my posting schedule at Write On The Water, where I post each Thursday.  Today: Sorting Boats.
Last week: Thanksgiving already?
And the week before:Who? Me?
I think that’s where I left off.  Once the manuscript is finished and the fiberglass dust settles, I’ll post some more pics of the (hopefully) finished overhead.