Inevitable revisions…

(Brought to you by The Mighty Red Pen)

Yes, I knew they’d be coming, and I’m currently working my way through the edits on No Wake Zone. Once again, it’s my wonderful editor, David, showing me the forest for all the trees in his insightful and often humorous way. But as with Last Exit, this phase has become all-encompassing, monopolizing my time and focus, and in the process I’ve let some other things slide, least of which being this blog. Put it this way: Readers may wonder where I get my ideas for Hammon’s diet, attire and general behavior — but anyone who knows me personally has no doubts. (And yes, I do eat Pringles while I work.) That aside, I’ve been good about checking in with Write on the Water, and here’s a run-down of the last four Thursday’s posts:

December 15th – How many fictional murder victims and mystery novels does it take to change a tire? (True and very funny story)

December 22nd – Back to the Future…

December 29th – Shifting Gears

January 5th – Goals for a New Year

On that last post, I should have included posting here more regularly, which is on my list of intentions. The upcoming months promise to be busy ones, and between the launch of two books and some exciting work we have planned this year for Annabel Lee, I should have plenty to post about.

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