Banging my computer against the wall…

Not literally. I wouldn’t do THAT! But I am trying to set up an Author page on Facebook, and link it with my blog and books. I’ve been blogging for years, mostly about boats and other random topics, maintained multiple web sites since 2001, yet some of the inner workings of FB elude me. But there’s no denying zillions of people migrate there to connect and interact, and I’ll be the first to admit I keep up on the comings and going of many of my favorite bands through Facebook. And with enough people reminding me I really should set up a page focused on my writing, well, here I am, trying to set up links to my blog and books.

So technically, this is a test. Let’s see what happens. And if you do happen to read this and find your way to my still evolving ‘Fan Page’, take a minute to click the little ‘LIKE’ button!

2 responses to “Banging my computer against the wall…

  1. Richard Norman

    OK, I found a place off of your Facebook page that might be the place (or I could be lost).

    Facebook changes so often that I get lost trying to do things myself and I’ve been an internet user as long as there has been one – my first commercial website went up in 1996. Hang in there and you’ll get it fixed.

  2. I think I’m getting it settled out for the most part. The page is here: and I’m satisfied with what I have so far. There’s supposed to be a way to make those little boxes up along the top contain useful stuff, so to speak, but my main focus is on linking this blog to FB and creating some decent content there. Ah, I do miss the good old days of Unix and ‘dumb’ Wyse terminals.

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