Heading into No Wake Zone…

Sometimes it’s tricky to pin down the right cover for a new book, and that was certainly the case with No Wake Zone.  And while a blazing explosion may at first glance seem an odd choice, I can assure you it ties perfectly into the story.

The release date for No Wake Zone has been moved back from May 8th, however, so you’ll all have to wait another two weeks to learn the significance of this inferno reflecting off the water. The official date is May 22, 2012.

4 responses to “Heading into No Wake Zone…

  1. To bad her books are not from her. Right to Kindle. Leave the book people out.. Then this would not happen…..;)

  2. Dan,

    Working with the book people has given me the opportunity to concentrate completely on my writing, while the countless other details involved in creating a book — the professional editing and copy editing, reaching reviewers, and ultimately readers — are in the hands of a team with far more knowledge in those areas. Ultimately I feel this has allowed me to focus on my work and vastly improved the end result.

    If you compare my ‘direct to Kindle’ edition of Last Exit to the new release, it is the same story, only stronger. It’s a matter of many subtle changes, but in the end my voice resonates more clearly, the text flows that much smoother, and the story as a whole is rings truer. This is my craft, my work, and I want it to hone it as far as possible.

    I do apologize for the delay. I was looking forward to the earlier release as much as everyone else, but I can honestly say No Wake Zone is a better book thanks to the support and assistance of all the book people.

    • C.E.

      I understand what you are saying. Yes it is good to have all that back up to help you get things done and the right way. Your last book was great! A real kick. And looking to the next one.
      I do wonder if the book people will go under as more and more people start ding it themself. And go right to the Kindle. And just leave the book people out. But then you just never know?
      Be well have a great day. And thank for you time..

  3. Dan,

    Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my first book. The more I move ahead the more I appreciate my earliest fans, the ones who knew me back before things started to take off. And you raise a good point. The publishing landscape has been shifting over the last few years, allowing authors to reach readers directly, without needing the approval of agents and editors. These days an author can go the traditional route or they can self-publish, as I first did. Traditional publishing has found it must change and adapt as authors are given more ways to get their book to market, and new publishing houses with forward-thinking outlooks have come into existence as well. Myself, I decided to accept Thomas & Mercer’s offer for representation when I saw what they had to offer while still leaving me creative control over my work and final say on all levels. I believe there are more options than ever before, which presents so many more choices, both for writers and readers.

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