It’s been a sad time here and everything feels so much emptier since Moxie passed away on Tuesday night. She’d had a good, long life, and at sixteen she was still going strong, if somewhat unsteady on her feet, but still determined to take on full flights of stairs and short walks. We knew things were failing internally, but her spirit was still strong, along with her attitude and appetite… until the other night. Thankfully it all happened within a short time; that morning she’d been perfectly fine, and we’d been told things would be sudden and fast. We could see she was shutting down, letting go, and while that was probably the best way for things to end. Still, it doesn’t hurt any less and it will take time to come to terms with her passing.


Our gratitude goes out to the staff at Oradell Animal Hospital for their compassionate understanding and gentle help, letting her pass away with her family at her side, and even for placing her in a pet sized sturdy cardboard ‘casket’ for us rather than a black plastic trash bag. The clay paw print someone there made for us was unexpected and will be treasured. I’m also grateful to Anthony Erekat at Faithful Companion in Clifton, NJ, who handled Moxie’s cremation. Located in a separate portion of a tasteful funeral home, Faithful Companion offers the same services for pets with the same dignity you would expect for any family member, and that brought us more comfort we truly needed.

I know in my heart Moxie had a good life, long and happy, and she was loved dearly. I know in time this will sting less, but right now our home feels like something essential is missing. Loki and Rex still keep looking for her, they don’t understand where their leader has gone and they have a bit of a lost look as they come to understand they don’t have her lead to follow anymore. We’ll all adjust, but it will take time.

7 responses to “Moxie…

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  2. Sorry for your loss. I have had Two of my Dogs go with in the Last 5 years. And I miss them everyday…
    Be well and God Bless.

    • Dan, thank you. I like to think that Moxie is playing with her old ‘pack-mates’ Luna and Nova, who both passed away seven years ago. I miss them all, and I remember them always. I think dogs reach our hearts so completely because they love so unconditionally.

  3. I am all too aware of your loss. Our beloved black lab Syd passed on Sunday May 6th. He was also 16 and his passing was rapid. The whole created by this loss will take time to fill Our thoughts are with you at this time

  4. Thank you, Eileen. I’m sorry for your loss as well. I know sixteen years is a good, long life for a dog, but it never seems long enough for those of us left behind.

  5. glenna calahan

    dear c.e. – moxie has met my sweet rat terrier mix, spotsie, over the rainbow bridge…my they play well and be happy till we see them again…

    i adopted my sweet girl when she was a senior…ever so much love…i was so beside myself when she left me…
    i knew i had to fill the hole in my heart – i found a rat terrier little girl at the local shelter….full bred black with white and tan markings – with a small little “spot” on her black back…lokks like an angel or a star….

    love and faith

  6. Glenna, I’m sure she is, along with her two past departed companions, Luna and Nova, who were probably wondering what took her so long. Spotsie sounds like she was a treasure, as I believe all rescued pets are. Moxie was our first ‘puppy’ — usually we made a point of rescuing adults and even senior, who ever fate led us to — but when my husband found this this rowdy little brat of a puppy abandoned on the street, my daughter and our two aging pups absolutely adored her. And like our others, she’ll forever have a place in our hearts.

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