Be careful what you wish for…

This year, I can truly say I have much to be thankful for. Anyone following my posts over the last few weeks should know that. And while I know it’s not scientifically possible for one lone author’s bout with writer’s block to affect global weather patterns, it’s hard to shake that weird feeling that somehow, in some twisted way, this whole mess is my fault. All because I’d been grumbling that everything had become too sedate, and I needed some inspiration, in a big way. Sitting at home, with all the time I could want to write, just wasn’t working for me. I needed something to shake things up. I wanted change.

Then change Sandy hit, dropping a tree in the middle of my house and devastating the waterfront. My insurance company has been fantastic – as I type this there is once again a complete roof over my head, and repairs inside start next week. The boatyards have all sorted out the tangles of piled up boats, and insurance companies are stepping up to set the salvageable ones back to right. And apparently my years of working on boats and my current project earned me some respect among the staff at my yard. These days I’m down there inspecting and assessing damaged boats for fiberglass repair. It’s not the change I had in mind a month ago – but it has put me right where I wanted to be at a time when I needed it most.  It’s good to see the rebuilding, both at home and on the water, and while Sandy might not have been what I’d expected, this year I’ve truly come to appreciate this holiday.

Have a wonderful Thankgiving, everyone!

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