Monthly Archives: December 2012

Spotting the better amid the worse…

To say that the last few months have been bumpy ones would be an understatement of the highest order. I’ve had my hands full on many levels, which would be more than enough as it is, but a brief glimpse of the news only underscores that these days there is no short supply of tragedy, on levels that should be unimaginable. I’ll admit, lately it’s been getting pretty overwhelming. But then, a moment of beauty and serenity sneaks up on me, and everything seems a little bit better.

Last night was one of those moments. I’d been down at the marina, and the snowstorm that had been moving across the country reached the Hudson valley as night fell, quickly blanketing everything in a soft layer of white that shimmered under the mercury vapor lights. Christmas lights hung from the mast of sailboat on the main dock, and everything took on a whispery quiet postcard perfection. My only wish was that my boat was already in the water, not only to be part of this lovely scene, but then because I’d have a mere walk down the dock to a warm dinner and cozy bunk, rather than a white-knuckle drive home. But even the slippery roads couldn’t diminish the beauty of the night. At a rail crossing the gates dropped, red lights flashing across the wind-swept whiteness, and a freight train emerged, headlight piercing the falling flakes as it rumbled past. Maybe it was all the visual input, or maybe it was the concentration the unplowed roads demanded, but as I drove home, for the first time in a long time, my mind shifted from all that has been occupying it far too much lately. And that felt good.

This year is almost over, with a new one closing in fast. If there’s one thing 2012 has taught me, it’s that things can always be worse. Much worse. And even when they are, if you take a moment, you’ll see there’s still plenty of ‘better’ to be found. Here’s to 2013 being a better year.

Happy New Years to all!

I’ll be brief…

Exceptionally brief. Every room in my home, short of one, is all but inaccessible, my laptop is giving me critical low battery warnings, I have no idea whatsoever where the power cord is. Normally it would be in a very specific spot, but that spot doesn’t exist at the moment. Not the spot, not the desk that once occupied that spot, and not much of the room that used to house that desk. In fact, I’m not sure where much of anything is these days. It’s good to know it won’t be long before my house is once again whole, and I’ll be so happy when it’s all back to normal. But for now, I’m going to post this, before my computer goes into hibernation! Best to all!


Something to ponder…

Yeah, it’s been quite some time since I posted much of anything. Hurricanes have a way of completely derailing plans, and a large tree falling on the house can serve as a pretty effective wakeup call. On the bright side, I suspect in the end this whole experience and the new paths it has put me on are exactly what I needed exactly when I needed them, and I know that’s a bit cryptic, but that’s all I’m saying at the moment. And on that note, I thought this bit on reading as it pertains to sharing other people’s experiences is highly appropriate.