Stony Point Polar Plunge 2013

polar plunge 017

The weather was bright and sunny, though the thermometer read 23 degrees. A bit brisk, to say the least.

polar plunge 026

A closer look (below) and you can see some smaller bits of ice on the river. All in all, a great day for a motorcycle ride.

polar plunge 006

Not too many other bikes on the road… at least not until we got down to the river. (And yes, I’m following in the ‘support’ vehicle, with warm clothes and dry towels.)

polar plunge 011

On one end of town, other motorcycles were gathering…
(photo by Dana BatGirl Carroll)


…while down at the river the crowd enjoyed all sorts of entertainment.

polar plunge 044

I didn’t catch the name of the band, and I hope the drummer, sporting only a pair of swim trunks, didn’t catch a cold, but I suspect he was just acclimating himself for an upcoming dunk. The four-footed audience, though, didn’t seem to mind the cold.

polar plunge 028

Plenty of emergency vehicles on hand, though no emergencies arose.

polar plunge 041

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… are they native to the Hudson?

polar plunge 029
And then it was Plunge time! Unfortunately I can’t seem to upload my own video (0r embed this one on Youtube) but someone else had a better angle and caught the excitement of the main event.

I like the guy at the end, with the souvenier block of river ice.

And for more pictures and stories, check out the Stony Point Seals on Facebook.

And here’s some more pics…










One response to “Stony Point Polar Plunge 2013

  1. I think I’ll keep my biking and swimming in Australia 😉

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