More Shiny Bits!

It’s always nice to have something to show for endless hours of hard work.  I suppose that’s one of the reasons I enjoy brightwork – it’s so very visual and satisfying.  But my brightwork days are still far off. Much of the work I’ve been doing aboard Annabel Lee has been on things that most observers will never see. Passers by rarely pause to comment on the fairness of a keel, or the smooth, even curve of a firm, solid deck.  And while I realize few people will ever venture deep into the engine room, at long last, I can look in there and smile…because things are really starting to shine!

One more coat to go and the block will be finished.

The valve cover, starter and alternator are next in line for their makeover, then they and all the other nice painted parts, including the resealed tranny go back in. New belts, hoses, lines, clamps and more, and this little engine will at last look as good as it runs. And that makes me very happy.

I guess this means now I’ll have to start cleaning and repainting the rest of the engine room.

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